Saturday, December 5, 2009

I Don't Know What Has Come Over Me!!!

As I have said many times, I don't like to cook and don't do it very often. If I do choose to dabble in the kitchen, it is to make something easy and with as little mess as possible. So I keep asking myself, why at one of the most busiest times in my life, with working pretty much full time from home, taking care of 3 active little boys on my own since Walt is gone, and getting ready for an out of state move and a massive garage sale, would I choose to make Calzones from scratch. Yes, you heard me. From scratch. You might think no big deal but I might have failed to mention that I have never, ever, made any kind of dough in my life other than cookies. I have never bought yeast, kneaded dough or rolled it out. Sure I have helped my Mom when I was younger but I always managed to get out of this part or she had her Bosch to do the mixing and kneading. My only regret is that this moment of insanity occurred when Walt was not home to benefit or witness the miracle. And I have to say that it was no big deal and it sparked a little domestically in me. I topped the night off with baking cookies and moping my floors. I really surprised my myself and this might be a turning point in my life to start cooking more. Now the only think left is for me to start enjoying eating more and I might actually do it. Here are a few pictures to document the occasion. Like Danielle, I have an amateur photographer, so I can't show you the picture of me working the dough but you can see the finished product.

I made about 4 calzones but this one was the only one that looked good. They all tasted good so that is what counts.

And here are the cookies. Nothing special but worth a photo.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Come Sail Away, Come Sail Away With Me!

As many of you heard, over and over again, Walt and I were able to get a away for a week on a cruise to the Caribbean. We had talked with my sister Sarah and brother Nathan about how we could celebrate all of our 10 year wedding anniversaries since we were all married with a year of each other. Life happened and postponed the trip earlier this year. But the stars aligned and the chance came again this month and we all took it. We even picked a couple other travelers when my parents and oldest sister Lanith and her husband Steve asked if they could come. The more the merrier. So "hold on to your hats" for a few posts detailing this trip.

We flew out of Phoenix at noon on Saturday the 15th and arrived at about 9pm in Miami. Thankfully, with all of my Dad's travelling, we were able to use his points for the hotel room, which we shared with Nate and Carrie that night. We ordered pizza and wings and went to bed pretty late. Check in for the ship started at noon, so we caught the shuttle and headed down to the harbour. They have a few check points and had to stand in a few lines.

Standing in line for our boarding passes. We are excited.

This is my sister Lanith and Steve. They were ahead of us and walking onto the ship. They are the newlyweds of this trip. The love is still there.

Sarah found a better way to wait our turn. Good book.

Once we were on board the only thing to do was eat and explore the ship. Our rooms were not ready, headed for the Garden Cafe on Deck 12. We found some tables by the pool and out of the sun. After lunch, they announced that the rooms were ready. We all went to our rooms and had some time to get settled before we set sail.

I was really nervous about the room since we had an inside cabin and I don't like small, cramped spaces. I was impressed by the size and width of the room and we were very comfortable.

Here is the bathroom with the shower right to the left when you step up. It was roomy and the shower was bigger than I anticipated.

There was plenty of closet and storage space and they even had a safe in the closet for all our our important stuff.

The front door is right there on the right and they had pushed the beds together to make the one bed. I don't remember asking for that. I was kind of looking forward to having a bed to my self. Just kidding. The best part of the room is that when the lights went out it was dark and the sun didn't wake you up.

We then went on top to watch us sail out of port, then we had to meet to go over emergency procedures.

Looking out the port into the open sea. We sat out here until we hit open water and enjoyed the breeze and to watch the land fade away

Our safety group included Nate, Carrie and my parents. We had to demonstrate that we were capable of putting on our life jackets. We were pros.

Our first dinner was at Tsar's and we enjoyed spending all our our dinners together as a family.

We also enjoyed watching the sunsets every night. I have never seen a sunset like this. It was amazing to be able to actually see the sun disappear from the horizon without buildings getting in the way. Beautiful.

That night we went to the Stardust Theatre and saw a comedian named Bud Andersen. He was a little slow to start off but he was hysterical. It was a short show but he was scheduled to preform Monday night. He closed with an imitation of a large chested woman and how her many activities impact the movement of her chest. He did this by squatting on a chair and pulled a large shirt over his knees. I found it very funny because I experience many of the same things with my chest. Mine isn't that big but having kids has definitely had a negative impact on them. We ended the night with a dip in the hot tub and off then off to bed.
Stay tuned for more fun filled days.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Flu Flu go away!!

It may be a good thing that we are moving soon. After spending a week and a half stuck in my house, I am ready to leave. Last Monday night I felt really achy and decided I needed to go to bed early to try and keep whatever illness I was getting from coming. 3 days later, I was able to get out of bed and function at a limited level. Yes, I became a victim of the swine flu. Not the official diagnosis but based on others experiences with it, I conclude that is what I had.
Sadly, that was Walt's last week home before he started his new job but happily he was still home to take care of things. As a Mom, I usually get sick but I am still able to find enough energy to preform the basic functions to keep the family together. With this flu, I couldn't move and was in a lot of pain. Walt was able to get most of the items on his list done but not everything. He may have been to busy trying all he could so he didn't end up getting sick for his first day of work. That wouldn't make a very good first impression. For the most part, he succeeded with a slight fever and some coughing, but he didn't miss any work.
Max was next victim, with the school calling me Thursday morning to come and get him. He had a low grade fever and a headache. Luckily that was all that happened with him and he was back to his usual self that weekend. Van also had a low fever for a day but has recovered. I was beginning to think that Ian was the carrier of this nasty flu, but Monday night he started running a fever. I sure hope this is the end. He will be going to school tomorrow and other then the coughing and a few runny noses we are all on the mend. I did venture out briefly for a Walmart trip, and was exhausted after. That has been the hardest to get over. I have little energy and can't wait for it to come back.
I am glad that we have been hit with it now rather than latter. I am shocked that we didn't all get sick during the week of the cruise. That would have really sucked. I hope all of you are doing well or recovering quickly from what ever ails you.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

California, here we come

Let me just say how grateful that our prayers have been answered and so quickly. But seriously, California? I sure hope Heavenly Father knows what he is doing, because it scares me. Walt has gotten a job, so we are San Diego bound.

Here is the plan. He is to start working on Nov 2ND. He will live in their company housing while looking for a place for us to rent. He is able to still go the on the cruise, so that is exciting. He will hopefully find a place to move into in December. They will pay for relocation, so we will have them pack and move our things once school is out for Christmas break. We will go to Sarah's for Christmas then drive over to our new house and get some what settled for the kids to start school in January. We plan on renting our house here out, with Nathan managing it for us. So if you know anyone wanting to rent a great house starting in the beginning of the new year, let us know.

Because November is packed with the cruise, Thanksgiving and his sister coming down for a visit, he will be coming home on the weekends. But I don't see why he needs to come back in December until Christmas. It will be hectic but I know I can handle it. I remember moving a lot when I was younger and newly married and I didn't mind it so much. Having kids makes it more stressful. I now have to worry about schools and making sure the neighborhood is good. I have know idea about this area but we have some contacts that I hope will be reliable in helping us find a good place to raise our kids.

Plus the money. It is so much more expensive there I know I will have sticker shock. I will have to plan a monthly trip back to Arizona for shopping. Or I can just become flighty and not care about how much money I am spending. But overall I am really excited about this change. I don't mind change very much and I know that is what we are suppose to do and the lord will provide. I can handle anything knowing that this is what we are suppose to do. This thought gets me through motherhood and marriage everyday. Ha Ha Ha! But I am sad to leave my friends and family that I have here. But I am counting on the fact that I will be living in a great place that everyone loves so I can see them often. Don't forget I will be living close to the beach and Sea World

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ian, Ian, Ian. What to do?

To look at the above picture of Ian you probably wouldn't guess that such a cute little boy would be a problem child that I can't figure out. I am just not sure what is going on inside that cute little head of his. And I know that most of the problem lies with me and my impatience in dealing with him. He can throw a tantrum like none other. I should have anticipated this because he was the one baby that wouldn't cry himself to sleep. I don't have any problem letting my kids cry themselves to sleep but that boy would go for hours and not stop. He will get something stuck in his head and he will not let it go. Tonight may be a turning point but we will have to see.
Every night we have the same routine for bedtime. After family prayer the boys get a drink and off to bed. However, Ian will come out numerous times for more water. We have really tried to cut this back and we have to 2 drinks. But lately the talking and playing after lights out has gotten out of hand and will go on for about an hour. During this time he is coming out for drinks, because talking and playing makes him thirsty. So we are fed up. I will leave out the yelling part, but I decided to have a chat with him. So I sat there and tried to reason with him for a good 10 minutes. I know their ability for reason is not quite developed but I at least expect him to listen. His only response after us talking was that he was thirsty. He couldn't even tell me what I had said. So after a little more discussion he made me a promise.
I would get him a drink if he promised that this will never happen again. From now on it is drink, bed and sleep. No more drinks and no temper tantrum. What do you think? Will he keep his promise? I am not holding my breath but I think it might not be as severe. I will take any suggestions or criticisms on how to handle the situation. I sometimes think that I am missing something and maybe there is a real problem here, but he behaves at school. So he obviously knows what good behavior and bad behavior.Which I would rather deal with this at home then have the teachers dealing with this. I even tried to get him to tell me what he does when he doesn't get his way at school and why he doesn't freak out. No answer. I do love this kid and he is the first one with a please and thank you. But this Jekyll and Hyde bit is frustrating.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What a lovely place to live!!

We moved into our house about 7 years ago. We have spent lots of time and money but finally have things the way we like them. We would like some more space but we have worked with what we have. I have always thought that change would be good and I wouldn't be to upset if we had to move.
Now that that is a very likely possibility, I don't want to move. I like my house, I like our ward, I like the school my boys go to, but most of all I love the people that I call my friends. I belong to 3 groups of women in our ward. One group, we do a little preschool, so I only have to host once a month. One group is for babysitting on Saturday's, so we can have a date night with the hubby. Again, once a month, I babysit all the kids. And the last group is taking turns watching kids while the others go to the temple. My temple attendance has been seriously lacking for the last few years, so I am very grateful for this. Especially with so much uncertainty and other trials that are occurring, I feel like crying all the time. I so enjoy the peace I get from going and look forward to that time.
I just have to say how much I appreciate all the wonderful friendships that I have made and I truly hope that they will last even if we have to move. I also love my family so much and I can't believe how lucky I am to have a family as awesome as mine. And I am doubly blessed to have and even extended family that I do. I drug my feet for along time on this blogging thing, but it is a highlight of my day to login and see the postings of the Perrins family. Never a dull moment. I would love to see more of you guys. I think Walt applied to jobs in all of the 50 states except Utah. Sorry!!
Sorry this is so sappy, but it is not intended as a farewell and there is no new news on the job searching front. I just don't express my gratitude very often and thought it was about time. Love to all of you who read this.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

MP3 and Me

I have finally done it and gotten a MP3 player. I am slowly joining the 21st century. Now that they are cheap I was willing to spend the money. Here is the story.
I don't like to exercise, especially walking or running. Extreme hatred would better describe my feelings but I need to do something. With my back, I am limited on the activities that I can do so I try to do what I can. With the weather being so hot both morning and night and that I didn't renew my gym membership, I have been lazy all summer and definitely feeling the effects. Two nights ago I really got fed up with feeling awful and declared to Walt that I wanted to start walking again. But I get bored which causes me to come home after about 10 minutes. Plus I need to know when I can stop. So I wanted to listen to something while I walk. For instance, if I listened to the whole Wicked soundtrack, I would be getting some good exercise. I then declared for him to make it happen.
He sweetly said OK, honey. So, yesterday he bought me a MP3, which I have just successfully uploaded my music. I have to pat myself on the back because I did it myself and actually figured it out. I am so excited to start walking at nights. I do not function in the morning. I am so excited that they are so small. I remember walking with walkmans and diskmans that were so bulky. I wonder why they call them ipods? They should have called them imans. Get it?

Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm A Mormon Now!!

I think now I am able to claim to be a real member of the LDS church. I have food storage under my bed. But since I still have a box spring and not sleeping directly on the cans, I am not sure. I will have to let you readers decide. I would have preferred the food going in the garage, but with this heat, no way. I had always thought that we had a lot of food storage, but when under the bed still has room, I think we need more. I guess it also would have been a great time to write down what and how much we have of everything, but I didn't. We actually have more food but it could still fit in the closet without be to disruptive.
We had put shelves in our master closet a long while ago to keep our food storage. It got to the point where there was little room for our clothes and you couldn't open the door all the way. I was also thinking that if we by chance have to move, we should probably start putting the house in sell able condition. So that will be occupying me for the next little while. Going room to room touching up paint, and putting the finishing touches on unfinished projects. It also gives me the chance to throw things out. I love that.
I should probably slow down a bit otherwise Shanell will have nothing to help me with. We decided last year to help each other organize our homes. Since that didn't happen, we rededicated ourselves to this year. We started in her house and have accomplished a lot. She has even allowed me to rearrange furniture. I have inherited this gene from my mother. It isn't truly clean and organized unless furniture has been moved. I think I need help most in the decorating department. Shanell has the creative mind where I am lacking. It is a great partnership.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Happiest Day in this Mother's Life is.......

The first day of the school year. I know this may make me sound cruel, but after 2 1/2 months of being stuck in the house because of the heat with 2 fighting boys, I was more than happy to see them off. But my boys love and thrive at school. They need to have a break from me and I am so lucky that they can go to a good school with teachers that I know love them. Max is now in 2nd grade and Ian is now a 1st grader. I can't believe it. I won't say time has flown by because it hasn't but every once in awhile when they are talking to me I wonder I came to have kids that are old enough to go to school and read and write. After all, I am only 23 years old. Shocking!!

But in getting rid of 2 all day, I have gained one. As most of you know, Walt was laid off of his job this week. So now I have both him and Van during the day. But since he can take pretty much care of himself and is not asking me to get him food and drink, I think I will survive. It wasn't a complete shock that he was laid off but it is still not a comforting thought that we don't have a job. He had starting looking around at jobs weeks ago and contemplating a new direction so who knows what will happen. Luckily, his job was still offering severance packages so we have some time before the money runs out. And I still have my job. So we are good.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Random Cuteness!

Anyone that talks to me about my kids know how I feel about Van. He will give us so much trouble when he gets older since he get away with a lot since he is so cute. So here are just some pictures of his cuteness.

A story to explain these next photos. Father's Day weekend our young women were at girls camp, and my good friend Shanell had to go. I agreed to watch her girls on Saturday since her husband Dale has to work. I took all the kids to the in-laws to swim. The Gambell girls are the ages of my boys, with the exception of Sophia, since I don't have a 4th child. Eliza is the youngest and I couldn't find any clothes to change her into after swimming, so Van and Eliza were both wearing just their diapers when they fell asleep on the way home. Since the older kids were still playing, I decided to put the 2 little ones to sleep in my bed so they wouldn't be woken up. I am not sure how inappropriate this is but I thought it was cute. I did think it was best to cover Eliza with her blanket.(Since they were both without a shirt)

Another one bites the dust!!

OK, so do you remember when I was commenting on the fact that after 7 years of boys, I was surprised that I had only one instance of staples/stitches? Well, I spoke too soon and now Ian has been injured.

Last Thursday, Walt made an appointment to speak with the Bishop, but since his car was sporting a radiator crack he took my car. His keys have a pocket knife on them and Ian decided to play with it. Well Surprise, Surprise he cut his finger. I was pretty nasty and since it happened at about 8pm, the Urgent Cares were closed and so it was off to the ER. I guess bleeding children are not a priority at the hospital anymore, so we had to wait a long time. It gave me a chance to catch up on all the latest news of Michael Jackson's death, which I didn't know about until we got there. He had to get 7 stitches and he did awesome. He barely made a sound when they had to numb his finger. But as always, they bounce right back and keep smiling. It is just now a battle to keep him from swimming on our hot days.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So, Ian turnded 6 yesterday and since I haven't blogged in a long time I thought this was a good reason to to do one.

Ian was born in the afternoon and was the easiest delivery. I guess that might because he was my smallest baby and was a month early. That also contributed to the fact that his lungs were not quite developed and had to spend a week in the NICU. But he hasn't had any lasting effects from that. He is my only brown eyed child and has the best laugh in the entire world. That is definitely on the top of my lists of the best sounds. He also has the longest eye lashes. He will be in the 1st grade this coming fall and loves school. He is also my most difficult child in he has a language deficiency. Because of his constant ear infections he spent the first 4 years of his life not hearing very well. When he finally go tubes put in, his speech improved drastically but learned selective hearing. We spend a lot of time repeating ourselves and trying to get him to focus. I am sure a lot of it has to do with just being a child but not all of it.

He learned how to swim this summer and I hope to get him riding his bike without training wheels soon. I think his real problem is that his bike is too small. Here are some pictures of my beautiful boy.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our 9th Anniversary

Today Walt and I have been married for 9 years. Not a huge milestone but after 3 kids, work, and 4 years of a master's program, we are grateful that we are still together and still feel the love. Walt had surprised me by getting the day off to spend together. Between his work and mine we deserved a day together. So I was really looking forward to today. But you couldn't tell by the fact that my brain is fried.

I first of all told Sarah that I was coming down today to visit with her since I try to go down there once a week and help out and keep her company. I then told my visiting teachers that they could come this morning for a visit and to top it all off, I said OK to bringing a lady dinner tonight since she just got out of the hospital.

So last night as Walt and I discuss what we are going to do, it hits me that I agreed to do the first 2 things. Sarah called that night to talk about something else and was SO understanding of my mistake, she was laughing at my forgetfulness. It also turned out that visiting teachers had to cancel due to sick kids. So my mistake wasn't so bad.

Walt's Mom came over and watched the kids while we went to lunch and saw the new Star Trek film. Enjoyed that immensely. I then bought a new pair of dress shoes since my feet seem to be shrinking and needed something to wear for church. We then decided to go and get the kids and take them swimming since they were home from school. So as we start to drive to the in-laws at 4pm it hits me that I am still suppose to take dinner to the women in my ward. What to do? I turn to my dear and wonderful friend Shanell who is luckily making a casserole and is able to take a plate to this lady. I should be shot!!! I use to pride myself with my memory and reliability. They are a thing of the past.

Other than that, it has been a great 9 years and I am grateful for a wonderful husband who loves me in spite of my shortcomings. He works so hard to provide for his family, I am truly blessed. I am looking forward for whatever the future holds because I know that with him by my side things will be OK and we will be happy. I am thankful for my 3 boys and hope that they will still love me when this whole thing called childhood is over.

This is the picture we used for our announcements

Nine years later. Thinking what have we done?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Finally! Baseball is Over

I know that my life as a "Soccer Mom" is just beginning and I don't know if I can do it. Maybe it will get better when my younger ones are older and I can actually sit and enjoy a game. I spend most of my time keeping the other ones out of trouble or watching them on the playground.

Max just finished his 2nd year in coach pitch baseball, and if I do say so myself he isn't half bad considering I haven't spent anytime working with him at home. He gets solid hits but has picked up the bad habit of throwing his bat after he hits. His arms should be pretty ripped since he has to do 10 pushups everytime he throws it. He really trys to get in front of the ball even though he may not stop it each time. His throw has gotten a little soft so that is something we will have to work on for next year.

In my typical form, I remembered my camera for the last game of the season and was able to get some pictures of Max and the other 2 boys during a game. Max's team were the Rockhounds and the were boys 6-8 years old. And oddly enough, there were two Maxs and two Logans on his team.

Max just hit a foulball

See what I mean about throwing? Is this ballet or baseball?
He gets a hit. Look at that awesome form?
And the red shoelaces. That is another story for another day.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

I took the "What kind of Mother are You" quiz on Facebook, and suprisingly it said I was a Suzie Homemaker. So I thought with Easter coming I would try to do some of the things "Suzie" might do with her kids. Saturday I bought stuff to decorate eggs with the boys. Of course, I had Walt take a picture because I didn't know if I would do it again. It wasn't that bad or that messy.

I went out and bought a few things for an Easter basket, which I have never done before and new ties for church. I also wanted to make sure that they really understood what Easter was about. Luckily our church isn't til 1 pm so we were able to watch a little movie on the Resurrection and explain that the bunnies, eggs and candy should not be the focus. I thought they had really understood this until the ride home from church. It suddenly hit Max and Ian that the Easter Bunny didn't bring them a basket full of toys and candy. I reminded them that they did get a basket this morning. Of course they said that the basket was from me and not the Bunny. So unlike a "Suzie" I said that there was no Bunny and to be grateful for what they did get or I won't do it again.

Overall it was a really nice day. We did have an egg hunt and spent time with Walt's family. Enjoy the pictures.

The boys opening their Easter baskets.

Hunting for eggs at Aunt Stephanie's house.


Friday, March 27, 2009

My Poor Baby!

I have never really thought much about this, but after 7 years and 3 boys, I have never taken them to the ER or Urgent Care for stitches or broken bones. That is not too bad of a record. Well now that has changed and I had to take Van in last night for stitches/staples. Here is the exciting story.

At about 4pm I noticed that Van's eyes were starting to get very goopy and after talking with Carrie about Jane I figured that he developed and ear infection and what she had. Well, since I am now a Den mother and Pinewood Derby was that night I was just going to take the boys with me since Walt wasn't going to be home in time. But now with Van being sick I decided not to go and in the morning I was going to take him in to get some antibiotics. Walt called to check in and said he would come home so I could go. As I was getting ready, Van was on a little stool playing with my light switch, the doorbell rang. It was the neighbor girl wanting to play. Walt is pulling in the driveway and I hear the stool bang on the floor and Van crying. I told Hannah she had to go and I went to comfort Van. I gave him a hug and then noticed the blood pouring from his head. I grab a paper towel and yelled for Walt to hurry up.

Luckily there is an Urgent Care just about a mile from our house so I had Walt drive us over. I don't like Urgent Cares because they take forever, but the key is to go in with a bleeding head wound on a child and you go right in. Just a little tip the next time you need to go in with Strep Throat or something like that. Just cut your head and you don't have to wait. Anyway, he needed 3 staples and so we did it right there. It is cruel, but I didn't like the fact that to get him sedated I had to take him to the ER, get an IV when staples would be quick and the pain would be over soon. They did numb the area well and Van was a trooper. They also checked his ears and eyes while we were there and got antibiotics for his infection.

He did have a rough night last night and just woke up. He does look a lot better and the swelling is gone. But the staples are a little creepy. Of course, Max and Ian think it is awsome. On the way to the UC, Walt mentioned how great it was that he had already shaved his head. Way to look for the silver lining honey! Here are some pictures to document this milestone.

We gave him a piece of chocolate, but I wanted you to see the ugly wound and the goopy eyes and running nose. This was definitely not his day. Doesn' your heart just ache for him?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The 4 Bald Men in My Life Whom I Love

This past weekend we took the boys to an air show at Luke Air Force Base here is Phoenix. This was mine and Walt's 2nd date and we try to go every time they have one. And it is something that the boys enjoy. But this year was a pretty bad experience. I don't know if you can blame in on the economy but it seemed like everyone that lived in the valley was there since it is a free event. It took us 2 hours of standing in line to even get in the gate. Now of all the events out there an air show shouldn't be that bad standing in line because you can still see the airplanes flying, but there wasn't that many. Plus it was 90 degrees. We had plenty of water and sunscreen and the boys did surprisingly well. I was just glad that they shortened the show from all day to half a day so we were out of there by 4pm. In my true fashion I forgot my camera so pictures will have to come later when I get them from Walt's brother Sam.

Everyone was so filthy and hot when we got home, Walt decided it was time for the summer haircuts. So out comes the clippers. I do think they are cute. Max's hair is so funky anyway that this is easier. I never know how to comb his hair without it sticking up in the back. Walt gave Ian more of a flat top but since the other 2 didn't have one, Ian wanting his shaved too. It also seems that Van didn't get a guard on his because it is sooooo short. His head is like velcro trying to get a shirt on. And with him being sick, I have started calling him Chemo. It is cute but also sad. And then we have Walt, who just doesn't have hair on top anymore.

Oh, and by the way, they love to have their heads rubbed. Max even washes his hair twice in the shower so it is nice and soft, so he tells me.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Busy Weekend!

There has been quite a few things going on this weekend. Some significant and others not but it is fun to share all of them. It all began on Wednesday and is now ending Sunday night. The first thing that happened was I was released from my church calling as a teacher and asked to serve as a den mother in the cub scouts. This isn't too bad. I just have to get over my childhood hangups about this calling. I found out that I will be working with the 10 - 11 year olds so that will be fun.

Thursday I spent the day getting ready for the camping trip we would be going on. I wanted to clean my house before we left so I needed a new vacuum. Ours had finally died after about 9 years of use. Since we don't have much carpet we were debating whether to spend a lot on a good one or go cheap. I decided to go cheap and spent $60dollars and I love it. As others of you may know, having a vacuum that doesn't have a powerful suck, really sucks. This one was awesome. I hadn't vacuumed in a week but this is what the container looked like when I was done.

I know that it is weird to take a picture of this but I got a lot of satisfaction knowing my rugs and bedrooms were really clean. So that was exciting. I also needed to pack for camping. I thought we were prepared but I didn't account for the weather being so cold. We could have used a few more blankets. I also realized that we haven't gone camping with all 5 of us yet and no longer fit in our tent. We made some improvises having the boys sleep in the car. Here are a couple of pictures, but if you are interested in more details of the trip you can look at my sister's blog for more info. (Sarah Rowley) We are planning on going camping over Memorial Weekend, so we have a lot of things to get for that trip.

We needed to get back on Saturday afternoon for family festivities in honor of Walt's Grandpa's 90th birthday. Lots of family came down to celebrate this great milestone. We had a bar b que dinner that night and got to visit with Walt's cousins that I have never met and some that I don't see that often. It was fun. I think out of the 14 great grandchildren that they have 13 are boys. I am not sure on the number but I know there is only one girl so far. But there are 3 more on the way and 2 are girls, the other is unknown yet.

Sunday at 7pm was the real party with friends and family. There was great food and entertainment. The boys had a blast playing with all the other boy cousins and made some new friends.

Grandpa Max worked on submarines in CA for many many years starting in the 1940's. Aunt Susan made this cake for him. That is a seal in the lower left had corner.

They had all the great grand sons get up and sing Popcorn Popping. They enjoyed taking turns yelling the song in the microphone.

I had to get a picture of Max with his namesake. They are both alike. They are pests. Often when they come to visit I will have to tell Max to calm down. Grandpa will ask which Max, and I say both of you. He always gets the kids worked up.

These are pictures of Walt's cousins Paul and Katie. Paul is a huge hit with the kids. He is so good with them. As you can see they wouldn't leave him alone. He once looked at me after a couple of hours of this with pleading eyes for help. I just smiled and told him he brought it on himself. He nodded and said I guess you are right. This picture of Katie is what happened to her as she tried to be a good sister and take some of the heat off of Paul. Better them then me.

It was a fun weekend but exhausting. And now I am gearing up for this week being Spring Break. I have a couple of days planned but I just hope that I will survive. The weather is going to be really nice. Maybe it is time to get the suits out and the slip n slide.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Being a Special Someone!

Both Max and Ian had big weeks last week. Max lost his first top front tooth.

This is his third tooth lost but I think this one deserved to make the blog. He never really mentioned that it was loose until it was about to come out. Then I was thinking great, he is going to have one big tooth all alone in his mouth because who knows when the next one is going to be loose. But he informed me a couple of days ago that the other one is loose too. Thank goodness. That is such an awkward time anyway and I didn't want it to be worse.

As for Ian, he is a special boy and it is nice to be acknowledged. In his Kindergarten class, his teacher has set aside one week for each student to share their specialness. Last week was Ian's turn. They get to bring in pictures of their family and anything else they like. Then each classmate and teacher writes and draws a picture in a book why they like Ian. It is really cute. I was also planning on bringing a treat into class of Friday but Ian was sick. I love Ian's teacher. Max had her last year as well and you can tell she loves the kids so much. I wish Van was old enough to be in her class. I just hope she is around in 3 years.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm a Material Girl!

I never thought that material possessions would make me happy, but I was wrong. I can't express the joy that I have every time I see or sit on my new couch. I am not embarrassed to have people come over and sit on my couch. My last one was so worn out that I couldn't wash the cushions anymore and it was disgusting. I suspected that it was the cause of a cold that wouldn't leave our house for some time. We don't allow the kids to eat on it but with Van it is hard to prevent that. But no problem I can just wipe up any mess he makes. Please forgive the messy kitchen, I am going to clean that up right after I am done posting this. Or maybe I will get Walt to do it.

As for the table, this was more of an impulse buy but there is extreme joy in seeing and eating at that as well. My parents bought Walt and I a small table that seats 4 when we got married. That was almost 9 years ago and 3 children. We haven't been able to eat as a family at the table for some time and the chairs are broken. The only drawback to this table is the cushions are white. So I won't let anyone take the plastic off yet till I decide what to do. I have wanted a new table for a long time as well and my dreams came true this Valentine's Day. Now I just need my husband home for dinner time and we can sit as a family. Also, old habits are hard to break. I still find myself sitting in front of the TV eating while the kids are at the table. Shame on me!