Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Max Turns 8!

Max turned 8 back on the 11th and for all you Mormons out there, you know what this means. Max was excited to get baptized and decided that he wanted to do it in Arizona. So last Friday we headed back to Mesa so we could be there for the Stake designated day for baptism. Max and Kayla, a friend from the ward, were the only 2 from our ward with January birthdays. We had slips of paper for people to write their testimonies on and give to them. I am putting them in a scrapbook that Max can have for always and to remember this day. It was a great day. With help from friends and family, we had a dinner after wards at Nate and Carrie's. The food was delicious and it was great to visit with them all. We went to our old ward the next day to welcome Max to the ward, even though, he will only be a member of that ward for a week or so. And it also gave Walt a chance to say goodbye to people he didn't get to say goodbye too. We then headed back to CA that afternoon.

I was a quick weekend but very nice. I can't believe that he is already 8. Time went slowly for so long, but now it is speeding up. This makes me happy as well as sad. As Walt says, "Well, we have one who made it to the age of accountability. Just 2 more and we are off the hook. " Can't wait.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The NOT So Little Thing That Made My Day!

I know it is too early to brag but I am going to do it anyway. But at least it isn't about myself.

As many of you know, I have been a major slacker when it comes to potty training Van. I started training Max and Ian when they turned 2, but since Van just turned 3 on Saturday, you can say that I am a little behind. I have used the excuse of moving as to why I haven't done it but the truth of the matter is I just haven't set aside the time and dedication to doing it. I have made little attempts in the last few months and in fact have gotten him to go, as he calls it, Yuckies (#2) in the toilet a couple of times but never pee. I had made it a goal to start once we got moved but the flu has been going around our family since we moved into our new place and Van's tummy has been suffering in a way that might make it difficult for him to control when he can make it to the bathroom. ( Wasn't that delicately put)

He is now doing better and I noticed that I was running low on pull-ups. In fact, I was down to one and trying to convince Van to wear underwear so I would have the one for night time. I thought I had him convinced until he sneaked and took off his pants and slipped the pull-up on instead when I wasn't looking. I then made the bold statement that I wasn't buying him anymore diapers and he was going to have to wear underwear to bed. Now, I am known to make threats that are so drastic that I really don't want to follow through on. Since most of the time, I am the one to suffer. And it looks like I did it again. But I am happy to say that I did follow through and put Van to bed in underwear. The results are:


I was so happy that I didn't have to clean up a mess this morning but I did try to get him to go this morning before he had an accident. He said NO. So I was thinking to myself that I had this one victory to hold on too and hope that he wouldn't pee in his pants. Then about 10 minutes ago, I was on the computer, when I hear him yell out that he went pee. I jumped up thinking I will have wet clothes and a puddle on the floor to clean up. But Wonders of Wonders, he is sitting on the potty and has gone pee pee for the first time. My cup runneth over! I am even more impressed because he was wearing footy pajamas so he had to take it all off.

I know this is not the end and my child is magically potty trained but I was thinking this might be a great posting for his 3rd birthday that I missed. I love my Van. He is such a sweet boy who loves me. We are best buds and I am grateful for the time we have together. On Saturday, we went to the beach as a family for his birthday. Here are a few pictures of the present and past.

The water was freezing but Max and Ian didn't seem to notice. Van even took a dip, but that wasn't intentional.