Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm a Material Girl!

I never thought that material possessions would make me happy, but I was wrong. I can't express the joy that I have every time I see or sit on my new couch. I am not embarrassed to have people come over and sit on my couch. My last one was so worn out that I couldn't wash the cushions anymore and it was disgusting. I suspected that it was the cause of a cold that wouldn't leave our house for some time. We don't allow the kids to eat on it but with Van it is hard to prevent that. But no problem I can just wipe up any mess he makes. Please forgive the messy kitchen, I am going to clean that up right after I am done posting this. Or maybe I will get Walt to do it.

As for the table, this was more of an impulse buy but there is extreme joy in seeing and eating at that as well. My parents bought Walt and I a small table that seats 4 when we got married. That was almost 9 years ago and 3 children. We haven't been able to eat as a family at the table for some time and the chairs are broken. The only drawback to this table is the cushions are white. So I won't let anyone take the plastic off yet till I decide what to do. I have wanted a new table for a long time as well and my dreams came true this Valentine's Day. Now I just need my husband home for dinner time and we can sit as a family. Also, old habits are hard to break. I still find myself sitting in front of the TV eating while the kids are at the table. Shame on me!

Monday, February 9, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I have read so many of yours and I am in awe that you can think of 25 things. I will give it a shot. I may still ideas from some of yours but oh well.

1. Shopping for cards makes me have to pee. It never fails. I will even go to the bathroom before, knowing I need a card. But it never works. So I usually just walk away without buying one.

2. I hate eating. If I could live my life without food I would be happy.

3. Another food one. I don't like refridgerators. I open them knowing that there is probably rotten food in there and I can't take it. Walt cleans out the fridge for me.

4. I am in a loving avocado phase right now. If we eat out, I will look for anything that has avocadoes and I will order that.

5. I hate folding clothes. But since I only have 2 laundry baskets and I hate piles of clean clothes all over my house even more. I fold.

6. I love reading. All kinds of books. I especially love series books.

7. I have never really cared for my husbands name. It just seemed to old for him. He knows this. But for some reason I just found out a little while ago that Walter is/was his great-grandfather's name. How did I not know this? I thought he was named after a friend of the family. Now I feel really bad that I gave him a hard time.

8. I am the extreme opposite of a pack rat. I through everything out. I hate having clutter all over the place. I have 1 small bin of my childhood memories, Walt has about 4 big bins. This might account for my lack of memory about my childhood.

9. I am a little OCD about money. I have to balance my checkbook everyday. It has to match right down to the penny or I freak out until it is solved.

10. I have a hairy face that I don't like. Luckily it is blonde but my mean sister used to call me LeaAnnderthal. It makes me laugh now. In fact I am chuckleing now.

11. I am an idiot when it comes to electronics. I tell Walt to read the manuals and tell me how to use whatever it is. Maybe I am not such an idiot but just lazy. Electronics are suppose to make your life easier, but why do they have to be so complicated to learn to use?

12. When I know I need to have a possible confrontation with someone I play the conversation in my head first with possible scenerios. Which usually makes me more nervous because they never go well in my head.

13. I am firmly against exercising now. I have spent years and years doing it and now I am sick and tired. I do go walking with a few girls every morning but that is it. We don't really walk that fast but I love the conversation.

14. I don't really like Halloween. Dressing up in costumes is not my thing. And I don't like having that much candy in my house. If the kids know it is there that is all they want. And I will admit, it is what I want too.

15. I will kill any plant that is left in my care. I don't know what it is that I do or don't do but they always die. It is sad because I would love some real plants in my house. Fake plants are not that bad but I don't want a whole house full of them.

16. I will never own a dog or a cat. Nothing against them I just don't want them.

17. I, like Daniell, don't like shopping. Get in get out. I especially don't like Ross or thrift stores. So much stuff and unorganized. Gives me a headache.

18. I really don't know if my name is spelled with a space between the 2 As or not. I don't even know if it matters.

19. I love sleeping. I just wish I could get more.

20. I am in pain pretty much constantly. My back hurts all the time.

21. I would love to travel the world with my sisters. Nothing against the hubby but I love hanging with my sisters.

22. One of my eyebrows is higher than the other. I apparently have one facial expression that I use a lot and caused this problem.

24. My feet are shrinking. I used to me a 7 1/2. Now I am a 6 1/2. I need new shoes for church. None of my dress shoes fit anymore.

25. I use to be against blogs and thought they were ridiculous. I was wrong and love reading about all of you and your lives.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I am like fine wine!

I have definitely gotten better with age. Other than being a little fatter and more aches and pains, but I think I have definitely gotten prettier and wiser. I look back as to what I was like as a teenager and wish I new then what I know now. I was a pain in the neck. I was negative about everything and cared about the stupidest things and didn't care about the things that mattered. I am a little more emotional than when I was younger, but a husband and kids do that to you. I am definitely happier all around. I am grateful for my kids and a husband that loves me and compliments me often. (A girl needs that) I have the gospel in my life which I don't think I could live without and 3 healthy boys that try my patience, but love dearly. I have a great extended family and friends that keep me sane. What more can a girl ask for? Oh yeah, I want a boob lift and a tummy tuck. Anyway thanks for all your birthday wishes so far and I love you all.

I actually did find some pictures of me as a youngster. You may notice that there are none of me as a teenager. That is because I had a very long ugly phase that ended about 5 years ago and started at about age 8. Enjoy

I was a cute baby.

Me with Grandpa and Grandma Perrins. I can't believe Grandpa is holding me.

My kindergarten picture. Again cute, but I wasn't happy about wearing a dress.

Graduating from Washington State. Yeah!