Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Wedding Is Off!

Max has had a girlfriend for the last year or so. It is a girl from our ward and they really got to know each other last year in Kindergarten. According to Jessie, they will be married when they grow up. Well, apparently their plans took a turn for the worst earlier this week. It happened on the playground. Jessie was pretending to be captured by a bad guy and Max was suppose to come to her rescue. Max may have gotten carried away and tackled the bad guy. He got in trouble and had to stand by the wall for 5 minutes. He was very upset with Jessie for telling him to do this. He informed her that she had crossed the line and it was over. I have no idea where he had gotten this from. And I couldn't help but laugh. He was serious. I asked him if he was sure about this and if this incident was worth breaking up with her over. He said yes, but if she would apologize he might consider getting back together with her.
The next day he came home and I asked him about his day. He said fine and that Jessie and him were OK now. I asked if she apologized and you won't believe what he said. "Well, actually I said I was sorry to her." I don't don't know the whole conversation but all I can think of is he has learned early. The man should always say sorry even if he isn't in the wrong. My little boy is growing up.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Birthday Ideas

I writing this in hopes that I can get ideas from people I love and admire, meaning you who are reading this, as to what I can do for my birthday that is coming up. I normally don't make a big deal about this day but I have expectations that usually don't get met. I admit this is my fault so I have decided to make a change. I am going to make a big deal about my birthday. By big I don't mean expensive, but I want to have fun and enjoy turning 33. (As I choke that number out) Can't fight age, so I might as well enjoy it. So if any of you have any ideas I would appreciate any help. It can't be too expensive. I believe I have already told you that I am cheap. But I might be able to force myself to splurge a little bit.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Max is now 7 years old

This has been a busy weekend for birthdays. Max turned 7 today and some days I am surprised he has made it this far. He was born on a Friday and weighed 7lbs 1oz. He has been a joy to raise and of course hits all the major stages first. He can be a great big brother to the younger two but is also a great tormentor. He is in the 1st grade and he loves his teacher and school. It is so nice to be able to send you child off to have someone else teach them to read and do math. I do not have the patience for teaching kids. I have a hard enough time getting through homework without pulling my hair out.
For some reason I can only find baby pictures of him but since we are celebrating his birth than I guess this is appropriate. Enjoy!

He is going home for the 1st time.

It is hard to believe that he was once this small.

Walt looks so young here.

I forgot that he was such a chunk at this age.

His first birthday!
We love you Max Everett and love watching you grow and learn new things.

Friday, January 9, 2009

My baby is 2 today!

I can't believe it but he is growing up. He is still the perfect little boy even if he is starting to fight back. He loves to snuggle and has the cutest smile. I will now go down memory lane with some pictures of his past.

Here he is 2 days old and home for the first time.

Van learning to raise his head.

He loved his Bumbo seat and I loved having him in it. He was a chunk.
Happy Birthday Van! We love you and are so grateful to have you in our family. I prayed to have a great and healthy baby and you have exceeding my expectations and I can't wait to see what the next years bring.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Christmas Posting

I was looking at my sister's blog and noticed that my recent posting was showing a couple of days old. I just posted it today but it took me a couple of days to complete it. We did celebrate Christmas and had an adventure. It is lengthy so if you are up to it, read on.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Our Christmas Adventure!

As many of you know and have seen, my little family and I packed up our minivan and headed to Washington to spend Christmas with my parents. It seemed a good idea a few months ago, but who would have guessed it would be record breaking snow fall in Spokane and many snow storms along the way. I will try to make this story brief but we will have to see.

We started out Friday afternoon on the 19th. We drove to Flagstaff and stayed the night with Samantha. So far so good even though they had back to back snow falls ending on Thursday. Thanks to Sammy's shoveling we were able to make in up their driveway. Barely. We only had an eight hour drive to Spanish Fork so we left at leisure the next morning. Uneventful drive if you don't count the 3 boys in the back seat asking for something every other minute. And my husband commenting every 5 minutes on the views and how nice it would be to take a picture with the camera that I forgot to pack. I can't think of everything! But the highlight of this leg of the trip was stopping in Nephi for a potty break and having Santa pull up right next to us in his truck. He was really good and took time to talk with the boys.

We got to Seth Big's house at about 4:30 had dinner and visited with him, Jill and their 3 girls. For those of you who don't know Seth, he is my cousin and we are close but it has been ages since I have seen him. We call him Seth big because I have a younger brother named Seth as well. We went to church with them on Sunday then had to make some adjustments to our plans because of a storm that was hitting the Boise area and a storm heading to the SLC valley. We crammed in a visit with Grant and Darla as well as Jeremy and Brigitta. Great to see all of them.

We left Spanish Fork at 4am Monday morning and pretty much had bad roads off and on all the way to Kennewick. The roads accounted for slow driving and accidents that turned a normal 10 hour drive into 16 hours. The kids held up great considering the time stuck in the car but as we neared the Tri Cities they were done. Especially Van, so we decided to stop and stay the night at Derrick and Amy's. They were all ready for us even though they had little warning that we were coming. Again, great to spend some time with them but I do wish I had a camera to take a picture of Deek's mustache thing he has grown. But I couldn't complain too much considering Walt stops shaving when he is on vacation and was sporting a full beard himself. We left Kennewick the next morning and completed our long journey to Mom and Dad's. Clayne and kids were there to greet us as well and since Mom has a camera, here is where the pictures can begin.

We went down to the lake to see how frozen it was. There was so much snow that the lake wasn't completely frozen. The kids were disappointed.

Van's first time in the snow, and Dad throws him in. Nice.

For the next week we didn't go anywhere because it wouldn't stop snowing and the roads were closed or we didn't feel like driving on them. Mom and I did go out to do some last minute Christmas shopping before the storm hit. Mom gave instructions that the boys were to dig out the Nativity while we were gone. We can't celebrate the birth of Christ if he is buried in snow. Walt found the baby Jesus and exclaimed "I found Jesus, I'm saved." This will be Mom's repeated story for the next month or so.

Christmas was nice and laid back. The biggest hit was the bike Van received from Santa. Max and Ian wouldn't stop riding it all over the house. We took the kids sleding but we mainly just enjoyed time together and relaxing. It was nice not to have any commitments.

Van and his new bike.

The boys loved playing with Mom's lincoln logs. Max's creation.

We did venture out finally to go see Clayne and Kelli up on the mountain. The kids had a blast playing in the deep snow and playing with their cousins. Clayne built forts in their yard the day before. You can really see how much snow they had.

We then decided to go to Lanith and Steve's for New Year's Eve then head home on New Year's Day. The forcast showed that Thursday was going to be the warmest without storms. And it was a good thing too, since that night and next day a lot of snow fell in Spokane and we might not have gotten out of there.

It was great to see Lanith and her family and all the things they have done to their place. We didn't do much of anything to celebrate the new year but then again we are old and boring. There was food and a movie but Walt went to bed before midnight since he was driving the next day. Walt did spend time getting the car ready and did find a nail in our tire. So after getting that fixed we left Ephrata at about 10am and had a clear drive to Provo. We stayed at Heather and Kirks that night. And it was really good to see Heather and all the work they have done on their place. And I hope we didn't leave the house a mess when we left. We visited with family in the area and went to some of Walts old stomping ground at BYU.

Since the weather was holding up and a storm was expected late Friday night we decided to leave Provo and drive through the night. Plus, by this time I am tired of hearing "Mom can I have this and Mom can you get me that and can you fix the movie." They will sleep and I will get a break. We had great weather all the way home and pulled into our driveway at 4:30am Saturday morning. It is good to be home.

We had such a relaxing trip, except for the driving, and we loved spending time with so much family. My parents are awsome and it was good to spend time with Grandpa and Grandma Pruitt. Thank you Seth and Heather for letting us crash your homes. I love the Perrins family. You guys are all awsome.

If I ever do that drive again, which is doubtful, it will be in the summer. Next year the parents are coming here for Christmas. I just wanted to add one picture of Walt out clearing the snow.