Sunday, November 30, 2008


Like every other woman and teenage girl in the world, I too went and saw Twilight opening weekend. A small group of us went Saturday morning and saw the 10am showing then went to lunch. It was nice to get away and surprisingly enough I enjoyed the movie. My expectations were really low going into it, so it was nice not to be too disappointed. I just had to remember that it was about teenagers and therefore a teenage mentality. Since I was the only one who brought my camera, I have been reminded multiple times to put the picture on my blog. So here it is so you can all get off my back. Love ya.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Handyman!

A few years ago I was looking for a dresser for the kids and Walt's Grandparents found this one at a garage sale for me. It was painted white and had old (antique) handles. I have always enjoyed it until it became too small for the kids. And the drawers don't slide very well. I decided to get rid of it when I got new bedroom furniture, but my husband said it looked to be made of real wood (not particle board like everything else in our house). He wanted to refinish it. And what do you know, it is made of cherry wood. Some idiot painted over, can you believe it? It is beautiful. So anyway, this is the finish product and now we have more furniture in our livingroom. Walt also refinished a end table that he made in high school but never stained. He is almost done with that, then we will have a matching piece for this dresser.

Monday, November 24, 2008

What have I gotten myself into?

With Samantha's help I am now a blogger. I can't guarantee I will be very good at it, but I will try. Plus, I live a very boring existence so maybe this will give me the incentive to start doing something that I can write about.
As for present, here is what we are doing. For Thanksgiving, we are heading up to Flagstaff to spend the day with my siblings, Sarah, Nathan and Samatha. It should be a blast and we will enjoy some cooler weather. Or rather COLD weather.
For Christmas, my little family and I are driving up to spend 2 weeks at my parents in Washington. To answer your question, yes we are crazy. We plan on driving through Utah and see family on the way. I really hate driving long distance, so I still check the airlines periodically to see if we can fly cheap. But I think the boys would love to spend some time in the snow and to see their Grandparents. We also have the added bonus of seeing Grandma and Grandpa Pruitt now that they will live across the street from Mom and Dad. We are getting excited eventhough we haven't planned out exactly when and how we will be leaving.