Thursday, October 15, 2009

California, here we come

Let me just say how grateful that our prayers have been answered and so quickly. But seriously, California? I sure hope Heavenly Father knows what he is doing, because it scares me. Walt has gotten a job, so we are San Diego bound.

Here is the plan. He is to start working on Nov 2ND. He will live in their company housing while looking for a place for us to rent. He is able to still go the on the cruise, so that is exciting. He will hopefully find a place to move into in December. They will pay for relocation, so we will have them pack and move our things once school is out for Christmas break. We will go to Sarah's for Christmas then drive over to our new house and get some what settled for the kids to start school in January. We plan on renting our house here out, with Nathan managing it for us. So if you know anyone wanting to rent a great house starting in the beginning of the new year, let us know.

Because November is packed with the cruise, Thanksgiving and his sister coming down for a visit, he will be coming home on the weekends. But I don't see why he needs to come back in December until Christmas. It will be hectic but I know I can handle it. I remember moving a lot when I was younger and newly married and I didn't mind it so much. Having kids makes it more stressful. I now have to worry about schools and making sure the neighborhood is good. I have know idea about this area but we have some contacts that I hope will be reliable in helping us find a good place to raise our kids.

Plus the money. It is so much more expensive there I know I will have sticker shock. I will have to plan a monthly trip back to Arizona for shopping. Or I can just become flighty and not care about how much money I am spending. But overall I am really excited about this change. I don't mind change very much and I know that is what we are suppose to do and the lord will provide. I can handle anything knowing that this is what we are suppose to do. This thought gets me through motherhood and marriage everyday. Ha Ha Ha! But I am sad to leave my friends and family that I have here. But I am counting on the fact that I will be living in a great place that everyone loves so I can see them often. Don't forget I will be living close to the beach and Sea World