Saturday, December 5, 2009

I Don't Know What Has Come Over Me!!!

As I have said many times, I don't like to cook and don't do it very often. If I do choose to dabble in the kitchen, it is to make something easy and with as little mess as possible. So I keep asking myself, why at one of the most busiest times in my life, with working pretty much full time from home, taking care of 3 active little boys on my own since Walt is gone, and getting ready for an out of state move and a massive garage sale, would I choose to make Calzones from scratch. Yes, you heard me. From scratch. You might think no big deal but I might have failed to mention that I have never, ever, made any kind of dough in my life other than cookies. I have never bought yeast, kneaded dough or rolled it out. Sure I have helped my Mom when I was younger but I always managed to get out of this part or she had her Bosch to do the mixing and kneading. My only regret is that this moment of insanity occurred when Walt was not home to benefit or witness the miracle. And I have to say that it was no big deal and it sparked a little domestically in me. I topped the night off with baking cookies and moping my floors. I really surprised my myself and this might be a turning point in my life to start cooking more. Now the only think left is for me to start enjoying eating more and I might actually do it. Here are a few pictures to document the occasion. Like Danielle, I have an amateur photographer, so I can't show you the picture of me working the dough but you can see the finished product.

I made about 4 calzones but this one was the only one that looked good. They all tasted good so that is what counts.

And here are the cookies. Nothing special but worth a photo.