Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

I took the "What kind of Mother are You" quiz on Facebook, and suprisingly it said I was a Suzie Homemaker. So I thought with Easter coming I would try to do some of the things "Suzie" might do with her kids. Saturday I bought stuff to decorate eggs with the boys. Of course, I had Walt take a picture because I didn't know if I would do it again. It wasn't that bad or that messy.

I went out and bought a few things for an Easter basket, which I have never done before and new ties for church. I also wanted to make sure that they really understood what Easter was about. Luckily our church isn't til 1 pm so we were able to watch a little movie on the Resurrection and explain that the bunnies, eggs and candy should not be the focus. I thought they had really understood this until the ride home from church. It suddenly hit Max and Ian that the Easter Bunny didn't bring them a basket full of toys and candy. I reminded them that they did get a basket this morning. Of course they said that the basket was from me and not the Bunny. So unlike a "Suzie" I said that there was no Bunny and to be grateful for what they did get or I won't do it again.

Overall it was a really nice day. We did have an egg hunt and spent time with Walt's family. Enjoy the pictures.

The boys opening their Easter baskets.

Hunting for eggs at Aunt Stephanie's house.