Friday, July 3, 2009

Random Cuteness!

Anyone that talks to me about my kids know how I feel about Van. He will give us so much trouble when he gets older since he get away with a lot since he is so cute. So here are just some pictures of his cuteness.

A story to explain these next photos. Father's Day weekend our young women were at girls camp, and my good friend Shanell had to go. I agreed to watch her girls on Saturday since her husband Dale has to work. I took all the kids to the in-laws to swim. The Gambell girls are the ages of my boys, with the exception of Sophia, since I don't have a 4th child. Eliza is the youngest and I couldn't find any clothes to change her into after swimming, so Van and Eliza were both wearing just their diapers when they fell asleep on the way home. Since the older kids were still playing, I decided to put the 2 little ones to sleep in my bed so they wouldn't be woken up. I am not sure how inappropriate this is but I thought it was cute. I did think it was best to cover Eliza with her blanket.(Since they were both without a shirt)

Another one bites the dust!!

OK, so do you remember when I was commenting on the fact that after 7 years of boys, I was surprised that I had only one instance of staples/stitches? Well, I spoke too soon and now Ian has been injured.

Last Thursday, Walt made an appointment to speak with the Bishop, but since his car was sporting a radiator crack he took my car. His keys have a pocket knife on them and Ian decided to play with it. Well Surprise, Surprise he cut his finger. I was pretty nasty and since it happened at about 8pm, the Urgent Cares were closed and so it was off to the ER. I guess bleeding children are not a priority at the hospital anymore, so we had to wait a long time. It gave me a chance to catch up on all the latest news of Michael Jackson's death, which I didn't know about until we got there. He had to get 7 stitches and he did awesome. He barely made a sound when they had to numb his finger. But as always, they bounce right back and keep smiling. It is just now a battle to keep him from swimming on our hot days.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So, Ian turnded 6 yesterday and since I haven't blogged in a long time I thought this was a good reason to to do one.

Ian was born in the afternoon and was the easiest delivery. I guess that might because he was my smallest baby and was a month early. That also contributed to the fact that his lungs were not quite developed and had to spend a week in the NICU. But he hasn't had any lasting effects from that. He is my only brown eyed child and has the best laugh in the entire world. That is definitely on the top of my lists of the best sounds. He also has the longest eye lashes. He will be in the 1st grade this coming fall and loves school. He is also my most difficult child in he has a language deficiency. Because of his constant ear infections he spent the first 4 years of his life not hearing very well. When he finally go tubes put in, his speech improved drastically but learned selective hearing. We spend a lot of time repeating ourselves and trying to get him to focus. I am sure a lot of it has to do with just being a child but not all of it.

He learned how to swim this summer and I hope to get him riding his bike without training wheels soon. I think his real problem is that his bike is too small. Here are some pictures of my beautiful boy.